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Here you will find the latest status updates and information regarding the online admission process for Junior K.G. (academic year 2014-15). We request parents to keep checking this page to be informed about everything that you should know regarding your online admission application at Fatima High School.

Check Online Admission Application Status

Only parents who have already printed the online form when it was available online earlier, will be able to check their rescheduled appointment dates. Please note that form filling and printing facility was available only in the first week of December 2013 after ample prior notice time, and is closed now. We already have more applications than seats available. Hence no more applications can be taken for academic year 2014-15.

Important Update for Applicants selected in Online Admission Process:
General Announcement for all applicants who have been admitted to Jr.KG 2014-15:
The parents of the new admissions (JR. KG) have to come on -
21st April 2014 from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm to collect the books, uniform etc.
Please come along with the child to try the uniform and get the fitting one.

In case you have not yet submitted the original birth-certificate

and caste certificate (if applicable):
Kindly get the original birth certificate to be submitted and take the books.
And to those the cast certificate is applicable, please bring the attested copy of the cast certificate.
Note : This update ONLY applies to applicants who have been granted Admission and have completed the process.

Online Admission Process details :

  • Please check the Frequently Asked Questions Section (Click Here).
  • We request you to keep your queries to the minimum, since most required information will be updated online. You may send your queries via email only.
  • Email your queries ONLY  at :
  • The application form will ONLY be available online on the dates mentioned above. Please do not miss your chance to apply for Jr.KG (2014-15) admission on these dates.
  • You will have to type in all the details online into the form and take a print-out of the form.
  • The print-out you take, will contain your appointment date and time with the school management.
  • The appointment date and time is allotted automatically by the system and cannot be changed.
  • On the appointment date, both parents along with the child should come to the school to meet the management. This is very important and without the parents or child in person, the form cannot be accepted.
  • All the required documents (details will be mentioned on the form printout) - the originals should be brought with you on the appointment date, for verification. If necessary, original documents will be verified and returned immediately.
  • Further details about the online admission process, the original documents necessary, tips for the appointment process etc. will be put online here as and when required, So please wait for more details and keep checking this website regularly to stay informed.
  • Proof of Birth and Proof of Residence if found to be wrong, as judged by the school management, will render your application invalid, so please ensure you have the correct documents at the time of appointment.
  • We strongly suggest that you retain a XEROX copy of the printed online form for your records and future reference. Some parents forget their application number that is needed later to check the admission status, hence retaining a copy of the form will be helpful.
  • Admission to Jr.KG is not guaranteed if you fill the online form. The online form application will have a screening process where only the most eligible applicants will be selected. At the same time, selection of an applicant for Jr.KG  admission does not guarantee admission to STD I in the next academic year. Admission to STD I in the next academic year after Jr.KG will be purely based on merit and performance of the child in Jr.KG.

We request you to be ready with all the details and original documents required for the admission.

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This page was last updated on Wednesday, 16th April 2014